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Whew. That’s all I can say. What a week and this holiday Christmas season is not about to slow down! Friday I’m hosting some of my favorite and most beloved girlies for our Working Wives Roundtable (inquire within if you’re interested in this ferosh and highly exclusive club). Then Saturday KP and I are headed to Leavenworth on our annual ornament trip (I’ll share more about this in a post next week) and when we return, we have to jet to a Christmas party (that requires an outfit that does NOT involve shoes–whuut??) OY VEY. But being the busy beaver that I am, I won’t settle for less than chaotic and I can’t complain when I’m getting to indulge in my most favorite seasonal delights.

Which brings me to my next point. We need to have a chat. Won’t you sit down? Ok lovies, here’s the deal. You are some of my MOST FAVORITE people in the world. You know that right? And as much as I love you, I am about to go visit my family in a couple weeks and they are THE most important thing in the world to me. And while you and I get to talk every day, I see them only once or twice a YEAR. It is beyond essential to me that I get to live in the JOYFUL moment, savor the holidays and get as many hugs and laughs in as possible in the short time we have together. PLUS I’m going to become an Auntie (hopefully while we’re there) and that is HUGE. That said, I’d like to propose something to you. Instead of leaving you altogether or having someone fill in for me while I’m gone, I was thinking…maybe you could come with me?! Now, I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. You wouldn’t get your usual dose of fashion, event and home fabulousness or updates on POSH happenings (it’d be more “Dear Diary, I got to eat at X and then we played Y until midnight and LOOK AT MY MOST HANDSOME NEPHEW IN THE WORLD” sort of stuff ) but you wouldn’t have to pack much and I think you would have a SUPER FUN time. We could have cool road trip snacks, take funny pictures, read magazines…WHAT DO YOU THINK?! I know, I know… you probably need some time to noodle it over. No worries, take all the time you need. Just let me know in the next couple of weeks so I can be sure to leave room for you in my suitcase ok?

Now, for our final piece of biz–the IT List. You may have noticed Merci has been MIA to make room for this round up I’ve been doing and it’s back again today. I really hope you guys are getting to check out some of these other great blogs.  Give me just a couple more weeks and I promise Merci will be back in action!

Now, I must scoot–so much to do, so little time. Hope you all have a MAH-velous weekend. Kisses and hugs and ladybugs.

Happy Friday!  Take some time to check out these great links!

  • i love that features the best beauty trends for the holidays… including the bold red lip (a la Taylor Swift). Check out her tips!
  • the capital barbie rounds up sweaters for men – which happens to be my favorite gift to give this time of year!   See what her top picks are.  (find the capital barbie on twitter!)
  • the posh blog has her gift picks for teens – aren’t they so hard to buy for? I love her ideas and this little camera is too fun! (find the posh blog on twitter!)
  • suze wears clothes puts together three fun looks around this gorgeous floral scarf.  See how she styles it up! (find suze wears clothes on twitter!)
  • second street east DIY’s a holiday wreath – the finished product is gorgeous and it looks so simple!  Don’t miss this tutorial! (find second street east on twitter!)
  • sweetie pie style rounds up her inspiration each week in a not-to-be-missed post.  I’m drooling over this statement wallpaper for a powder room! (find sweetie pie style on twitter!)
  • free to be stacia lee pulls together a really gorgeous casual holiday look. I am now completely drooling over this lace top! (find free to be stacia lee on twitter!)
  • a spot of whimsy hits the nail on the head with another thought provoking post in her “she” series. Check out the simple but thoughtful post!  Don’t you want to be this gal? (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • gs lillian manages to convince me I need an orange coat and matching shoes this winter with just one post.  Doesn’t she look amazing? (find gs lillian on twitter!)
  • the tiemann girls give a quick diy on how to make the perfect bow from tulle. I am in love with this idea… time to get wrapping!
  • the daily be (formerly ‘things i do think wear see love dream’) wears one pair of khakis in two different outfits.  Check out her looks and be inspired for khakis beyond business casual! (find the daily be on twitter!)
  • so much to smile about rounds up a fun gift guide for the homebody that I am loving.  Candles, blankets and cozy clothes, yes please! (find so much to smile about on twitter!)
  • rachael, really says ‘merry december’ with this gorgeous fall/winter outfit.  If you are in a warmer climate… you know fall just arrived! (find rachael, really on twitter!)
the IT list is produced weekly by Jill of good life for less, for info on how you can be involved – click here

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